When our eyes meet…

He walked with an edge. He was the kind of guy that walked into a room and people would sit up and take notice. He was the king of charm, and despite my steely resolve i felt myself crumble when our eyes met across the room. 6 years married, this man and I and he could still make me weak at the knees with one look.

Surrounded by a sea of people, I could feel him approach me before I could see him. His breath against my neck as he lowered his lips to kiss me, sent shivers down my spine. His arm snaked around my waist, stirred something inside me. The gentle way he brushed my hair to the side of my face, to anyone else seemed intimate, genuine even. For me when our eyes met I knew this was just scene one…

They say you can tell alot about a person from their eyes and a mans eyes were always my favourite part. Not anymore, not now. When I met Luke his eyes were a blue like I’ve never seen, like water when the sun is shining on it. Six years ago, I looked into those eyes and in that moment I knew I had found my soul.

Here i am six years on and now when our eyes meet, I have found my hell. Behind the blue theres a storm in those eyes, a raging hurricane that I had never seen before. His eyes have there own vocabulary, and i pray everyday that I didn’t know how to read…

So welcome, that was a little excerpt from the book im writing. You have probably guessed from previous blogs that I am no good when it comes to grammar and all things related to the english language. I much prefer to curse my way through life not bothering with commas and getting my kicks by irritating the grammar police. So shoot me. So this is a work in progress really. It’s part of my goal for this year which was to try new things.

So here I am writing a book, something I’ve always wanted to do. I cant promise it’s going to be any good and i will probably spend the rest of my life writing it but the stories there, I have it in mind, the real task is to get it down on paper. I’ve debated writing a book for a long time and I would always think about what genre to write about. This has never got me past the first chapter though so now ive decided to not over think it and just write what comes out. So there it is the beginning of Luke and Mia’s story.

I love reading, I love writing and one of my favourite things in the world is finding a good book. I remember the first book I really took notice of. Torey Hayden – The Tigers Child. Wonderful author of many books by the way – check her out.

Anyway its been so long since I read this book that I cant tell you the ins and outs of the story. I just remember when I read it, it made me feel something. I cant even tell you what that feeling was just that it was something. When i finished it I couldnt wait to read another book, and thats how its been ever since. I read every night and sometimes I will be awake until 3/4am reading. I can’t contemplate a life without books, it doesnt make sense to me. Reading about a thousand different lives whilst living your own is cathartic. I often lose myself in a book but on many occassions I’ve found myself too. Thats the thing about reading a good book, the sentiment of it stays with you long after you’ve finished the last page.

I read almost anything and usually it depends on my mood. If I want a little light relief I’ll read a chick lit, if I’m moody and a little angry I’ll want something a bit gritty like a crime thriller. Mostly I read things that speak to me and I can usually tell by the first chapter if I will enjoy it. So for my own book I want to create a story thats real, that has raw intensity with characters that people will remember after the book is closed because thats what I’d want from a book. Something that sets my heart on fire.

So if you are a book fan like me, tell me what you love about reading, tell me your favourite book/character/chapter and give me an insight into what other people want when they read.

There is one type of reading I hate and that is the text books staring at me on my desk. I guess I should break a spine or two today and get on with some work. So until next time.

The only important thing in a book is the meaning that it has to you…

Much love

Dais x

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  1. As a reader , in my view one needs some interesting stuff which involves the reader within and let him feel like it’s happening to him/her or in his known circle related to anyone in case if we are writing on a love affair. 🙂


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