Cheers to the new year, and another 365 days to fuck it all up…

Some people slide into new year all shiney and new hoping that a date on a calender is going to miraculously create a better them.


I crashed into new year like something from a disaster movie safe in the knowledge that this year will be the same as last and i will still hold the title of miserable bitch! 365 days to fuck things up. Hell i managed that on day 1!

See i left 2017 with a broken heart, lost friendships, debt, a mouthy 8 yr old and the constant need to gauge my eyes out because of the stress of uni. I’ve entered 2018 in exactly the same way. On paper its looking like a swell year ahead 👌

I’ve started writing a diary this year because writing a blog about my sad life just wasnt enough for me. Just call me Briget Jones… Its day 10 and so far it reads.

“Thought about ending up as a lonley old cat lady whilst finishing off the christmas chocolate” Its a real page turner!

Its now day 16 and nothing miraculous has happened or changed so the lonley old cat lady scenario does not seem such a far reach.

Im not one for new year resolutions because i normally chose something unobtainable like “this year i will be nothing but positive” and i usually dont make it past the first hour. Im going to attempt to try something new this year though. A friend of mine has made a list and im going to follow suit. So im making a list of 12 things i’ve never done before or things I’ve been afraid to do or want to do and im going to attempt to do one thing each month. No pressure…

This month i’m easing myself in gently. Im going to learn makaton. Whether you can learn that in two weeks with the aid of you tube i’ve no idea but im giving it a bash.

Im off to a pretty good start. I skipped over the crap and started off with chapter 4 where the real fun starts- insults. So far im a pro at saying fuck you silently! See below.

Next month. I’m thinking about holding a snake, and not the good kind!

Enjoy the rest of january people. Im one person who hasnt participated in dry January or a new gym membership. For those of you that have I’ll see you next week down the pub and promise not to talk about the fact that you’ve failed, I’ll sign it instead it will hurt less…

Dais x

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