Monday 22nd of June 1987 a legend was born…

So.. first blog post, pretty daunting! I’ve spent half an hour thinking of a catchy title -googling all sorts and the above is what I came up with. Pretty lame but I think it’s an accurate description. I’ve now got to attempt to write the thing. I think the title creating is a work in progress but if by a small chance you are still here reading, buckle up! I’m not a writer nor incredibly funny but my musings on my life I hope will be so bad you’ll leave feeling somewhat better about your own life. (Silver linings)

So if you have got this far I’m doin ok. If you have read my Bio you will know my , name is Daisy! Cue the song “Give me your answer fucking do”, cue “Aww that is such a lovley name”, cue “Ahh that takes me back, my great great great nan was called Daisy” – thanks for that info mabel, but how the hell does that help me when i can’t find my name on a personalised souvenir, or when i am in a bar and a guy asks my name and I’ve got to hear for the 10000th time. “If you were a flower love I’d definatley pick you”. No it doesnt fucking help at all, so next time say nothing ok, just act like you never even heard it. I curse my parents for this name, it’s been the bain of my life but its a step up from Fredrica which was another popular choice of theirs. (Small mercys)! In my childhood i once spent a whole summer convincing people my name was actually claire. CLAIRE, of all the names in all the world i could pick i chose Claire (the mind boggles). Another summer it was DEE i even pulled a guy using that name (desperate times). However despite the name ( I’m somewhat at peace with it now), a legend was born.

I’m 30. Most people have a breakdown about hitting the big 3  0. Not me, I’ll offically be what i class as an adult. To be fair i don’t have a job or my own house or a husband, i don’t really have any qualities that make me seem adulty (is that even a word) but just being 30 gives me and others the impression that i am a grown up. If i hit 40 and still have none of those things then i might have the breakdown…  but 30 – life is just beginning!

I’m a single mum, i have a 8 year old daughter Ruby, you’ll hear a lot about her, how she hates me daily and how i’ve ruined her life (usually for not letting her watch another episode of Sam and bloody Cat) and how i just keep going back for more because despite her driving me up the bloody wall, i love her so much i could eat her. Who else feels like that by the way? It’s actually a thing you know, when you think somethings cute or you love it so much that you squeeze it within an inch of its life and you could just eat it.  It’s called cute aggression or something, look it up your not alone in the weirdo stakes – its a growing concern.

So I’ve wanted to do a blog for a while now, u know just for my own sanity, to trash talk my way through my life; but to be honest, I’m quite lazy so I just haven’t got around to it. Conveniently i had time tonight on this saturday evening, when realistically i should be doing my assignment but i am putting it off in favour of the blog as i deem this much more important then my degree. (Is it ok to admit that? Too late!) I would literally do anything to get out of an assignment. ANYTHING! (I forgot to mention I’m a second year mature student studying social work, we’ll say no more..) and so the blog is born.

Its called forever a dreamer because well thats what i am. Since forever I’ve dreamed outside of my life, merged reality with what i actually want/dream about. You’ll get to realise that I’m a pretty pessimistic person, so its better for me to live in my own bubble where i can control everything – my dream world. Thats kinda why im writing the blog, so i can contain it and also because being me is fucking exhausting and i need to relieve some stress. I’m also extremely emotional, i feel everything; from sobbing hysterically at a tv advert, to writing out my funeral plans because i read somewhere once that  someone my age had died from sneezing. (True story – brain hemmoridge). I’ve genuinely never sneezed since without that thought flashing through my brain! Like i said. It’s exhausting!

I’m going to leave it at that for now, i think you know me on a better level now and I’ll leave the rest for the next post. If your not running for the hills or planning some kind of intervention for me then see ya next time you survived my first ramblings.

Dais x

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