Put your hand down during lecture ffs…

I’m guilty of it, oh how i love to stick my 10 pence worth in during a seminar , i love giving my opinion! But isn’t it just the most annoying, infuriating, time wasting thing another student can do. Soon as the lecturer pauses for breath, hands are shooting up quicker then Usain Bolt. Question after question and all im thinking is “shut up you twat, i want a cuppa and a ciggi”. Im pretty sure people think the same about me, probably worse once i get going on an issue.

I never thought uni was for me, sure i had aspirations when i left school, but coming out of the careers advice office after being told it would be another 5 years of studying, i was like no thank you very much and at 16 i was outta there. Wanted to be in the big wide world earning money, going out, being an adult not stuck with my head in the books with no life – i left that to my sister. Growing up though working in care for 10 years made me realise i didn’t want to slog my guts out doing a bloody hard job for a measley wage for the rest of my life. (Salute to care workers, it takes a special person)

So i got my shit together, i went to college and applied for uni. God knows how i got in, but i did and thats my life now. Reading books, writing assignments at 2 am, moaning about lack of money. Who i am kidding the first 2 are lies, the third is pretty much true, i am skint – student loans are fucking horrendous!

There are things i hate about uni –

The cummute (it’s a 10 min drive) but in rush hour it can take up to half hour/hour sat in traffic on the dreaded flyover. I’m singing away to the same songs on my Adele cd, depressing myself and sobbing before I’ve even arrived. Then it’s time to find parking; use the pay machine that i always overshoot on and end up paying double what i should, knock back my scalding hot tea in my trusty travel mug and a ciggi or a few actually before the day even starts. Im already done with the day at this point. Game over. I have nothing left to give.

Lecture – finding a chair that i can actually see the screen from, because i am literally blind. And one that is not going to make my back ache for the entire day. This is no mean feat! I saw a meme the other day about the only thing uni has taught me is how to appear like you’ve mastered the stairs. Its true! By the second floor, i am desperatly trying to mask my flared nostrils and i do a little cough when my breath catches to disguise it. It wasnt working though because my friend noticed and so now we have taken to using the lift up AND DOWN! Fml.

The lectures are intense they go by so fast, your desperatly trying to make notes but the lecturer is swiping them so fast you’ve barely written a sentance from the 70 page power point. Then you realise you could have just stayed at home and scrolled through them at your leisure because every single thing the lecturer has said has been read off the screen – not one single original fucking thought has come out their mouth! But you don’t, you drag yourself in every week on the off chance they might say something of significance.

The coffee machines! I hate them but the queue for Costa and Starbucks is always to long to mess around waiting! So many things irritate me about these machines 1. They make a shit cup of tea 2. They never accept your card, so you have to furiously press buttons for 10 mins until you can actually see liquid pouring into the cup and 3. The worst of the worst for a tea drinker like myself – those shitty fucking sticks they supply for people to stir their coffee. Where’s the spoons for the tea drinkers to strain their teabags – dont worry guv ill just burn my fucking fingers off trying to do it!

Turnitin and referencing – The most evil thing about uni! I’m not really selling it am i for potential students, there are good points i promise (see below) Im in year 2 and i still cannot reference for the life of me, so i use a lifesaving tool called ref me which without, I’d have been out the door in the first month.

Why is it so friggin hard. I don’t like the harvard system et al (joke i found amusing, small minds and all that). And turnitin; where at 1 min to deadline you are desperately trying to upload to finally manage to do it, feel proud of yourself and then the next day you see your similaritys gone up to 50% fml #fail!

No seriously it’s not all bad at uni. Despite my moaning i actually quite love it. I’ve met some great friends who are funny and supportive and are in the same shitty boat so know what its like to panic over which ones a method and a theory. They’ll be friends i will keep long after uni amd i couldn’t do it without them along for the ride. Its also a great laugh, well it is with my friends! We laugh a lot mainly at the lecturers and at other peoples misfortunes (great social work material). I also know this is where i should be; however hard, however many times when i feel like i cant do it and im goin to give it up, i do know it is for me, that it’s worth the sacrifices and i can do it because i want it enough.

Well I’ve bored you enough now with uni life. Just wanted to share a little insight about student life for me.

Until next time

Dais x

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