I’m jealous of the people that get to see you everyday…

I told you I missed you earlier. I said you had no idea how much, and you told me to make you understand. I couldn’t. I’m not good with words, but as I sit here not being able to sleep it got me to thinking about why I did miss you. So here goes

I miss how I don’t smile when you are not around – Maybe that’s not strictly true, because I do still smile. But I’m talking about the kind of smile that reaches from ear to ear and makes me feel lucky to have someone in my life like you. Those smiles are lost when you are not here.

I miss how your hand fits mine – Your fingers interlocked with mine felt so right, so comfortable, like it should always be that way.

I miss how you look at me – Your deep brown eyes staring back at me. I could get lost just staring at you all day.

I miss how your skin looks next to mine and the goose bumps I get when you touch me.

I miss your arms being around me – how just your touch makes me feel safe.

I miss how you smell – I could breathe you in all day.

I miss how shy you become when I look at you.

I miss being able to hear your laugh when you find something funny.

I miss being able to show you off – for people to see us together and be oblivious to the looks we would get.

I miss your kiss, coz baby I could kiss you all day and never get bored.

I miss not being able to see your reaction when I say something to you that’s sweet.

I miss how I could sit with you in silence and not once did it ever feel awkward.

I miss your voice and how it gives me butterflies whenever I hear it.

I miss how I can talk to you for hours about everything and still want to know every little thing about you.

I miss how I can be myself around you, and you’ve never judged me or made me feel small, not once.

I miss your smile and the way your eyes dance with it.

I miss being able to wake up next to you and know that my day will be good because you are in it.

I miss being able to do normal things with you, listening to a song or watch a movie together.

I miss the way my mind is quiet when you are around, because when you are not its driven crazy by thoughts of you.

I miss ….. I won’t finish that sentence but you know what it is ha-ha.

It’s crazy right, I know it and you know it but I can’t help this feeling. Missing someone is torture, it’s not about how long it’s been since I last saw you or how long it’s been since we last talked. It’s about how I feel in the moments that you are not here, when I want you to be and how my heart beats a little bit faster when you are around. I want that feeling. I want it now and always.

So if you ever need reminding of why when I say I miss you. Here it is.


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