I know school doesn’t start for another 4 weeks, so just walk slow…

I know school doesn’t start for another 4 weeks, so just walk slow….

School holidays – It’s like marmite, you either love it or hate it. I’m going to be honest, I belong to the latter group. When I say this to other parents, some share my sentiments and some proceed to tell me all the positives of having your tiny humans home for six weeks. Let me just dispel some of these positives… Bear in mind I write this whilst being holed up at home after cancelling a playdate because of my daughters behaviour this morning, my mood is not great!

1. “you get to have a lay in and no school runs” – Categorically untrue! Ruby gets up at 6am everyday, even in the holidays and I have to navigate the roads with child in tow who thinks she can drive and tells me when, where to go and how to drive as if she has her own licence and isn’t 8 years old.
2. “You get quality time with the kids” – Oh how I love more quality time of hearing my little darling tell me she hates me and i’ve ruined her life because I said she couldn’t have another sweet.
3. “Nice days out” – It’s two weeks in, so far the weather has rained and poured and I am utterly skint! I also belong in the little group of parents who on said nice days out with the kids spend the whole day saying “one more time and we are going home” I repeat this a minimum of 12 times during the outing and never actually get in the car and go home, instead I wait it out and then tell all in sundry what a nightmare day we’ve had when I get home.”

So as I’ve said it’s two weeks in, so let me tell you how my holiday has gone down.

I have an empty purse and bank account.
A messy house, toys, crafts, inventions and potions everywhere!
Empty food cupboards and fridge because everyone knows children on school holidays have to be fed every ten minutes or they will waste away.
A continuous headache – one that I have given myself by repeating every second of everyday ” No, stop that”, ” No, don’t touch that”, ” just pick up your stuff”, ” no, no, no” – “Actually just do what you want I’ve had enough”
Lack of sleep – Later nights because “mummy I don’t have school tomorrow so I can stay up past 9, yet still proceeds to rise at 6am. – EVERYDAY!
Struggles with childcare – No work, no adult social life and no alcohol!
Having to expose myself in a swimming costume because ruby just loves swimming oh so much.
And finally a running commentary of “can I have, can I have” at every isle of every shop we go to.

So please tell me again why you love the holidays so much???

I hear the positive parents repeating “yes but no school runs for 6 weeks” i’m sorry but as much as I despise the school run, i’d take that over this torture anyday.

In all seriousness it’s been nice to have some time with my girl before i’m back on placement again and not able to, but I can’t lie, its bloody hard work when you have a strong willed child like mine. Anyone who says they love everything about the holidays, either has stepford kids or is out and out lying. I only have one and as much as I love her i’m tearing my hair out. I’m literally on the edge of being bald!

My parents took Ruby on a little holiday in their camper van last weekend. I was looking forward to the peace and quiet and relaxing but surprisingly I spent all weekend decorating my little darlings bedroom and pining for her, wishing I could hear her say ” mummy I love you” before bed. Kids eh you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.

On Thursday Ruby is going away with her dad for 10 whole days on holiday, and as much as I’m looking forward to not having to lock myself in my bedroom in tears because I’ve been terrorised by an 8 year old. I will miss her soooo much.

When she was away with my parents a friend of hers saw a picture of me and said ” ruby your mum is beautiful” Ruby replied – ” No, she isn’t. You haven’t seen her in real life” FML I am terrorised I tell you!

But last night she cuddled me for ten whole minutes and told me how much she loves me, so you know. – Swings and roundabouts.

If you are like me and you are going insane over the holidays but still love your babies (Just a bit more when they are at school or sleeping) post me your school holiday stories. I need to know I am not alone!

4 weeks to go. God speed and good luck to you all

Dais x (one exhausted mother)

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